We are Belgotex

Belgotex is a high-quality manufacturer of floors for residential and commercial spaces, each one connecting people to the spaces they occupy.

Our four pillars

Success is built from the ground up. These are the four pillars of our success.


Our people Grows when our Business Grows. Our talented team of creatives are the beating heart of Belgotex Australia. Our business grows when our people grow.


Diverse offering of Flooring products to meet Customer expectations. Different needs demand different products. The quality and quantity of what we offer encapsulates the Belgotex experience.


By our People through our Products and Service to our Stakeholders. Belgotex's claim to fame is attributed to the exemplary performance of our floors in all urban environments.


Partner of choice through ease of doing business with a significant international manufacturer. Collaboration and cooperation with our clients are the hallmarks of our partnership ethos. Our ease-of-doing business makes us the number one partner of choice.

Our vision

We want to deliver a dynamic and world-class brand experience to all stakeholders through our deep connection with people and the planet.

Our mission

Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver high-quality and sustainable floors that endure the rigours of daily life without harming the planet.

Our purpose

We strive to build foundations for communal spaces that cultivate creativity, communication and collaboration between people from all walks of life.

Going green

There is only one earth. Discover how Belgotex is committed to preserving the fragile planet we call home.

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