Residential solutions

Home is where the heart is. We fabricate floors to furnish all homes or residences, each designed to be as hard-wearing as it is elegant.

Going green

Belgotex Australia remains deeply connected to protecting nature and prioritising people over profits by balancing operational efficiency with sustainable manufacturing. Accordingly, Belgotex was awarded 6 Stars from South Africa’s (SA) first Custom GreenTag Certification for our maximal compliance with their stringent sustainability criteria.

Choosing flooring

What you choose can impact how your residence looks, feels and functions. Thus, it is vital to consider the benefits each floor type offers before committing to one.

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Broadloom carpet

Broadloom is a premium solution dyed nylon and berclon textile that prioritises luxurious softness with an easy-to-maintain, hard-wearing exterior. Discover how Broadloom can elevate your living space.

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Make it your own

Personalise your living space with floors that speak to you.

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