carpet tiles

Belgotex Floors stock a range of premium solution dyed nylon carpet tiles suitable for all commercial applications.


Terrain features patterns sparked by nature’s contours and organic surfaces. With the earth serving as a key reference, nature’s raw materials and nuances are celebrated in the new floorcovering.


Smooth by Belgotex offers resilient textures into the modern work environment.



Rhythmic is a new tufted carpet plank manufactured from Premium Solution Dyed Nylon, which incorporates the latest in geometric design. The random installations hit all the right notes and will resonate with the discerning customer who seeks to play their own tune.


This elegant tufted tile range is designed using textural vertical and horizontal stripes in a pattern which adds style to a modern contemporary interior.


Having taken inspiration from naturally occurring stone & mineral formations, we have designed a carpet tile that not only looks luxurious and indulgent, but is also hard-wearing and enduring.

MOD II - Aviator

Subtle stripes and a modern striated pattern speak of smart elegance and a foundation for trust, ideal for high flying professional services such as lawyers, bankers and advisors. This hardworking carpet tile will provide years of trusted service.

Prime - Intense and Fringe - Border - Sm


Monochromatic room design is where it’s at - so we’ve created a range of tiles that deliver an energetic kick of colour to the commercial space.

MOD II - Equinox

A 100% stainproof SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon) tufted tile.  The colours are based on earthly tones, which make  EQUINOX perfect for commercial installations

Storm II

Belgotex introduces Storm, an elegant tufted tile range that will change your environment in a remarkable way.