Our green journey

Since the start of our green journey in 1991, we have constantly pushed the limits for operational efficiency, seeking ecologically sustainable manufacturing methods and developing eco-friendly products.

Water management

We achieve more with less. Belgotex is proud to reduce needless freshwater consumption by 35-45% through less water-intensive dyeing techniques and localised rainwater recycling.

Waste management

Waste not, want not. Belgotex has poured over AU$400,000 into waste-minimisation and waste-recycling practices, keeping the generation of eco-toxic waste at an all-time low.

Energy conservation

A lower carbon footprint results in a healthier environment. Belgotex has invested over $1.5 million in 2.4MW solar panel installations and energy-saving solutions to decrease our reliance on coal-fired electricity.

New ground

Step into unchartered territory. Dive deeply into our extensive portfolio of outstanding floors, fit for all purposes.

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